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    HI!! This is

    Raquel Gil

Contact Info

Based in: Madrid,  Spain.
Originally from Vigo, Galicia (Spain)
Raquel Gil PHONE:

+34 647463141


My story:

At the end of my degree in Audiovisual Communication, I knew that I liked cartoons. But I was not sure how to make a living from it or where I could prepare myself for that industry.
I studied 3D and Animation in Primer Frame (Valencia) and made an animated short-film with my colleagues that helped me understand how the industry works. It was during that process that I discovered Storyboard. I fell in love with this specialization, or “art of storytelling” as I see it.
I started working on the production team, but always with Storyboard on my mind. Among the projects and different companies in which I have had the opportunity to participate, I tried to learned from the best ones.  I used to draw and study cinematography during my free time. 
Finally, in 2020 I took the step and left production behind to dedicate myself entirely to what, without a doubt, is my passion: Storyboard.
I have dedicated a lot of effort and enthusiasm to it, but here I am, trying everything to make from my dream, a reality.
The Storyboard course at The Animation Workshop has been my last adventure. Now, with great confidence in my abilities, I venture in the search for a position in Storyboard.