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Storyboard Artist


During the Second World War, there was a danish woman that saved many Jewish lifes. Her name was Ellen. In my sequence I show the moment when she, for the first time, saves the lifes of two kids. taking them from the Port of Copenhaguen to Sweden. This was an exercise of the Storyboard Course in The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark) in 2021 that we did with Christian Kuntz (Director, animator at Kuntz Animation Studio). The movie is life action, but, for the exercise we did it like if it was for an animated movie. 


During the “Storyboard Course” in The Animation Workshop in Viborg (Denmark, 2021), the teacher proposed the following premise: “What would it happen if Gumball and Darwin confront the Ghost from the Library from the movie Ghostbusters?”. From that premise, I created this little moment.

GUMBALL The apology

Without a script, I had to propose a comedy sequence in the middle of the episode “The apology” of the series Gumball. We were given the two first acts and asked to come up with a resolution. This sequence is completely my idea, no script provided.


Exercise done during The Storyboard Course 2021 at The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark). Fun sequence where the main character goes through some embarrassing misunderstandings.


A little rabbit wants to be friends with a grumpy and selfish squirrel who is obsessed with human objects. The squirrel ignores the bunny. But everything changes when a box is found and the squirrel tries to snatch it away. We did this comedy sequence during the Storyboard course at The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark) in 2021.


This sequence was an exercise from ¨The Storyboard Course¨of ¨The Animation Workshop¨that I did in 2021. The script was provided by the teacher Christian Kuntz about the movie ¨Dreambuilders¨ by Kim Hagen JensenTonni Zinck. I did the exercise without knowing about the actual movie. So, what you will see in my video is completely personal and original.